Methods and Materials with the Critiquing Chemist: an Interview with Sarah Lockwood

Sarah is witty and wise, and has an astounding amount of energy and brain power, and posts some spectacular photography on her site. To express my admiration for this particular 'lab girl,' I had to share our discussion.


The 100

No, this isn't a blog about the CW show The 100 (although I do enjoy that show). It's just a short, celebratory note to say thank you to all the book bloggers, Goodreads reviewers, fellow authors, and cherished readers who have read A Wizard's Forge and left a rating on Goodreads. AWF received its 100th rating on January … Continue reading The 100

Spoiler Alert! The Unpublished Epilogue to A Wizard’s Forge

I read all my reviews. I cringe at the bad ones (I've received some doozies!) and rejoice in the good ones. I also occasionally respond to issues reviewers bring up, such as questions about the worldbuilding in Knownearth or about Vic's difficulties overcoming past trauma. Today I'm responding to another frequently mentioned topic: the so-called cliffhanger ending of … Continue reading Spoiler Alert! The Unpublished Epilogue to A Wizard’s Forge