Featured #SciFan Author:

Science fantasy is a genre that blends science fiction and fantasy, just like A Wizard’s Forge. And today I’m a featured author on SciFan.org.

SciFan™ Magazine

P1010396.smaller.jpegSciFan author A.M. Justice dabbles in Tango, star gazing, and scuba diving… but first and foremost, she’s a traveler. She loves to explore: whether it’s the park near her home, a unique neighborhood, a new country, or the frontiers of the mind. She’s been imagining strange worlds and the people in them since high school, and she’s particularly loved Science Fantasy since reading Anne McCaffrey’s Pern series and discovering that a world where people ride dragons and use medieval tech could have a scientific explanation for all its wonders.
In A Wizard’s Forge, the first book of The Woern Saga, Justice follows in McCaffrey’s footsteps by setting a classic fantasy hero’s journey on a lost space colony called Knownearth. The humans of this world descended from the marooned crew of a spacefaring mining vessel.a_wizards_forge_cover_smallerfilesize Time and lack of resources have eroded advanced technology, and after thousands of years human society…

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